AMZ MosFET Boost - Athlon Boost

I've been missing the hell out of my MosFET booster since selling it some time ago (it was a Homebrew Electronics UnoMos). So I decided it was high time to build that AMZ MosFET booster PCB that's been sitting in my bin for a couple months now. (FYI - the UnoMos *is* a part-for-part copy of the AMZ MosFET Booster.)

I used a silver blem 1290 enclosure from Pedal Parts Plus. Most of their blem enclosures are really nice with no major issues. This one actually did have a noticeable blemish on the face, so I decided to use a decoration that I'd been saving for months for that one special project: an AMD Athlon Thunderbird CPU.

One knob, no LED, no battery, and 1.4 ghz of ass-kicking boost!!

Rather than cut down all the pins on the bottom of the CPU, I cut up some scrap PCB board pieces and fit them in the flat area on the underside of the chip. I had to make a sandwich of three PCB pieces to get up just above the pin height. I glued those together, then glued the sandwich to the CPU, and then glued the CPU to the case. It took about an hour to glue and clamp everything.

I have some IBM PowerPC G3 CPUs (Macintosh chips) as well, and if I end up using them on an enclosure, I think I'll try removing the pins and see how that works.