Effects Project: Rangemaster (NPN)

I decided it was high time I paid homage to one of the most venerable circuits in the history of guitar effects: the Dallas Rangemaster.

So I set out to do a layout, but I wanted it to look old-school, so I set it up for axial caps (a la my Mojo Face layout) and added an extra pad for the older TO-18 case transistors, which is the form of many germanium transistors.

Also, I added a germanium diode between Q1's base and emitter. Apparently, this helps to stabilize the gain during temperature fluctuation, which is a common issue with germanium transistors. If you're building this with a silicon transistor (or you don't care about temp stabilization), you can omit the diode.

Layout is VERIFIED. Enjoy.

PCB transfer image (print at 200 DPI):

The small circles in the upper left / lower right corners are for standoffs. Drill with 1/8" bit.