New Content Coming Soon!

It's been ages since the last update to this site, but I have some new projects to post shortly. Upcoming effects projects will include: tremolo, reverb/slapback delay, phaser-vibe, and some nice dirt. :)

Stay tuned! (haha, get it? Tuned!)

Effects Project: Whisker Biscuit

I made up a new PCB layout for the Whisker Biscuit, a Muff-like circuit developed by If you love the sound of a transistor Big Muff, you simply must build this one. It nails the classic Muff tone, but with far few components.

Check out the details here:

Effects Project: Babylon Fuzz MkIII

A third revisit to an old favorite of mine. Lots of fuzz, lots of output volume, and now optional clipping diodes for even more compression and sustain. PCB layout and also a vero layout.

Check out the Babylon Fuzz MkIII project.

I may have professional PCBs made for this circuit if there is enough interest. Shoot me an email at if this is something you'd like to see done up as a proper PCB.

Effects Project: Mockman 2.0

I worked up a brand-new PCB layout for the Mockman 2.0 by This circuit was inspired by the dirty tones of the old Scholz Rockman headphone amp from the 1980s.

Check it out:

Effects Project: Flapjack OD (Hot Cake clone)

Brand new dirt circuit layout for all you boutique cloners out there. This one is a good one. Check out the project page for all the goodies:

Boomerang Wah: Update

I made some changes to the the Boomerang Wah project:

Check it out if you are interested in an alternative to the typical Crybaby or Vox circuit.

Homebrewing Software: Brewblogger

It's been a while since I've done a homebrew update, so here it is. I've been testing two very distinct (and complementary) pieces of software for the homebrewer: Brewblogger and Beer Tools Pro. I will review the latter in a future post.

Caps N' Such has moved to!

I have now completed the move of the parts shop to its own hosting account with a proper domain name. Check it out, ya'll:

The new site sports a brand-new shopping cart system with many great features added on to make shopping so much better for both customers and me. Now there are quantity discounts for most bulk parts, better integration with PayPal, and I can also give out coupon codes for promotion or to reward loyal customers. So let's kick it off...

COUPON: Between now and December 15, get 10% of all box caps in your order. Just enter "BOX10" (no quotes) during checkout. One use per customer. :)

LOGAN 5: Ring Modulator

This one is quite the noise-maker effect. Very kling-klang ring mod tones, much like the Daleks on the old Dr. Who show or some of the quirky music in the movie "Logan's Run". It's built around the LMC567, a tone decoder IC with an internal high-speed oscillator.

Click here for all the details.

Effects Project: Simple Buffered Splitter

If you want to split your signal two ways without losing tone or volume, you need a buffered splitter. There are a lot of things you can do with this project, so build one today!

Click here for all the details.