New Project: Dead-Easy Dirt

If you want to make a dirt pedal with minimal parts and minimal cost, I think you will enjoy this one. :)

Check out the Dead-Easy Dirt project.

Look Ma, no resistors!

WTF?! - Octave Fuzz

This one is a crazy, over-the-top octave fuzz somewhat reminiscent of classics like the Ampeg Scrambler or Fender Blender. But it shares almost nothing in common with these classic circuits in terms of parts or circuitry.

So check out the What The Fuzz?! and listen to the sample clip.

I should have parts kits for these in my shop available in about a week or so.

Parts shop is now online!!

I finally pulled the trigger and set up an online pedal parts shop. The main focus is deep discounts, and "bang for the buck" is the guiding principle.

Here's the URL:

Currently I have 50+ products available, with another 20 or so to be added over the next couple weeks.

For the most part, I will not be offering PCBs. If you want PCBs made, check out the web store of my good friend who makes EXCELLENT circuit boards:

New forum for discussing music gear

If you're looking to get in on the ground floor of a brand new music gear forum (guitar, bass, keyboard, recording, effects, amps, etc), and you're tired of all the cork-sniffing bullshit at places like The Gear Page or Talk Bass, or the monkey-house-like environment of the Harmony Central forums, check out this link:

It's very new, with a lot of nice folks, and all gear-heads are welcome and encouraged to stop by and take a look around.

New Layout: Howie's Metal Simplex - Vero

I found the schematic for this at DIYstompboxes and thought I'd give it a go. I think "Metal" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it sounds pretty good considering the low parts count.

Project here:

Messy Fuzz: A Semi-Point-to-Point layout

I think the name says it all. Please read on for this super-fun semi-point-to-point modded Face Fuzz layout.

Effects Project: Boomerang Wah

This is a vero (strip board) layout of the old Maestro Boomerang Wah. This is a nice alternative to the Crybaby and Vox wah circuits that dominate the landscape now.

DIY Amp Attenuator

If you need a simple, cheap, effective attenuator for your small tube amp (Valve Jr, Blackheart, etc), look no further than this DIY Amp Attenuator project.

Effects Project: PushMe PullYou Octave Fuzz

This is a neat little octave fuzz designed by Tim Escobedo (a man who has made so many excellent effects circuits). It's a nasally fuzz tone with a prominent octave-up element.

Effects Update: Project PDF for the Fat Cock MosFET Booster

I've decided to go back and do project PDFs for several of the effects circuits here. This makes it much easier for people without pricey image editing software to print the PCB transfers at the proper size.

First to be done is the Fat Cock MosFET Booster. Here's the PDF:

Fat Cock MosFET Booster (~500K)