Effects Project: Fuzz Face Project (mods)

It's old hat on the boutique scene, but it's new to me: modding the hell out of the Fuzz Face. No epoxy goop, no high prices, no bullshit marketing hype. Nothing but new fun with an old favorite. There's one mod version up now, but there will be at least a few more to follow.

Tutorial: How to Make an Eyelet Board

Every wanted to make your own eyelet board? Well now you can read all about how to do it and look at pretty color photos.

Effects Project: Tonebender MKII (small layout)

The famous Solasound Tonebender MKII laid out for small enclosures, such as the Hammond 1590A.

Effects Project: EHX Muff Fuzz (Eyelet Layout)

My own take on the Electro-Harmonix Muff Fuzz. Layout is for eyelet or turret boards. This one is verified and good to go. :)

Effects Project: Rangemaster (NPN)

I think we all know what this old circuit is. Never gets old, though. This Rangemaster layout is for axial caps and includes extra mojo.

Effects Project: Fat Cock MosFET Booster

Everybody loves a good booster, and the Fat Cock MosFET Booster is relative clone of one of the world's most sought-after boosters. The GAIN control crackles, okay? ;)

This version is more parts friendly, and could in fact be built entirely from parts at your local Radio Shack (with one minor parts sub).

Effects Reference: Stompbox Wiring

I just added a new page on how to wire up a stompbox.

This is a work in progress. Currently it only features wiring a 3PDT:

I'll be adding other diagrams in the near future.

Effects Project: Seven Forty One -- Op Amp Fuzz / Overdrive

The Seven Forty One is my first real op amp-based project. It sounds kinda like a Dist+ but more soft around the edges, and yet still a little more "square wave".

It uses a common, cheap LM741 op amp as the core, but you could also use any modern single op amp.

There are two versions: one with diodes clippers, and one with MosFETs as clippers.

Effects Project: Mojo Face

Yet another rendering of the classic Fuzz Face circuit, the Mojo Face is laid out for all axial components for a more mojo-fied look. Spacing is also for 1/2-watt resistors, so go big with those old carbon comps. :)

Layouts are for perfboard or PCB.

Effects Project: Babylon Fuzz

My first really unique circuit. It's a fuzz, of course, and uses a pair of the lowly, common 2N3904 transistors.

It's medium-high, pretty tight, and moderately amp-like in certain situations. Lower notes tend to sound more like a silicon fuzz than an amp.

Click here for the Babylon Fuzz.