Effects Project: Juniper Fuzz

In a nutshell, the Juniper Fuzz is kinda like a Bazz Fuss but with a Fuzz Face-style gain/fuzz control. It's a total of 7 on-board components, so it's easy to build on just about any type of board or even in true point-to-point style.

The Juniper Fuzz project page includes a graphical layout and a transfer image for making circuit boards.

Update: Brewing Resources

I just did an extensive update to the Brewing Resources page. I added the brewing-related books I think are critical for the new and experience brewer.


Build Report: JFET Vulcan

Oh boy, does this thing cook! Three JFETs of all-out fuzz-stortion.

Read the build report of the JFET Vulcan here.

Homebrew Content: New DIY Projects

Main DIY brewing gear page

Learn how to make your own copper sparging manifold for a rectangular mash tun. This is for those of us who batch sparge with all grain mashing.

Also, check out this simple project for making a dry (waterless) airlock. They're a nice alternative to the typical "S" or 3-piece airlock.

Homebrew Content: DIY In-Line Thermometer


This device is used to measure the temperature of your wort as it exits the counterflow chiller. This is so you can adjust the cooling water flow rate in real time to make sure your wort goes into the fermentor at just the right temp.

Click here for the DIY project.

New layout: Bazz Fuss eyelet board layout


If you like bass and you like fuzz, then you will like the Bazz Fuss.

New Layout: Eyelet or Turret board Electra Distorion


Building on my previous pseudo point-to-point layout of the Electra Distortion, I present a new layout that will work with small eyelet or turret boards, or even a pair of terminal strips. Here's the completed board (on turrets):

Effects Project: Easy Drive (by Joe Davisson)

I think the title says it all:

Joe Davisson's Easy Drive

New Layout: Linear Power Driver

I added clipping diodes to the classic LPB2 by Electro-Harmonix. No PCB image yet, as I'm still fiddling with a few things, but here's the project page:

Linear Power Driver with clipping diodes

3-Knob Fuzz layout now complete. I call it: Vorpal Fuzz

In a nod to my delightfully geeky Dungeons & Dragons* - fueled childhood (and early college), I have renamed the previous "Shop of Fuzz" circuit to the Vorpal Fuzz. The layout is now verified:

* The term "vorpal" originally comes from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky," but was used in AD&D as a synonym for "magically sharp." With the right tweaks, this circuit can really do "snicker-snack." :)