New Layout: Electra Distortion (PTP)

Unverified quasi-PTP layout on perfboard:
Electra Distortion

Couple of updates today

I finished up the BSIAB2 build report and added a sound clip. Also, I added a build report of an AMZ MosFET booster I call the Athlon Boost (for reasons that will be obvious when you read the report).

Heavy Darling fuzz layout added

The constantly changing layout is right here for your review.

Transfer image to come as things progress.

Homebrew Content Added

I just added a few of my favorite recipes. More to come soon, as well as some great DIY articles for brew gear. I write the "Projects" column for Brew Your Own magazine, and I'll be adding rewrites of some of the projects of mine that they've published. :)

Valentine Massacre Fuzz layout now verified

Check it out here:
VMF verified layout

New Sound Clip

I added a short (~ 2 minute) sound clip of the Big Daddy distortion circuit. The clip is linked on the project page.

New fuzz layout added

I just added a new fuzz layout (thanks Non-Reverse!) in the effects section. It's a great fuzz designed by Andrew Carrell of Soutlkitchen Custom Guitar Effects:

What's New - 27 May 2008

I've got some actual content posted now (in the effects pedals section), and I'm working on adding more. I'll also be adding a new section titled "Publication Credits" which is fairly self-explanatory, I think.

More to come.